Boost Your Earnings by Launching a CBD Store

Unlock Your Financial Potential with a Turn-Key CBD Store – Let Us Handle the Management!

Get Started in Three easy Steps!

Register your information PLUS your Paypal account, where we will pay your commissions.

We create a store branded with your name or company name, then provide you a unique URL linked directly to your custom CBD Store.  See Example below:

Put the link on your websites, mention it on your social media, podcast.  We can even print cards for you to handle out with your own branded CBD Store.


CBD Butterfly Solutions

  • You want to find additional sources of income.
  • You need a side gig that still leaves time for your career and family.
  • Working in the Home Body Management industry you want to offer CBD Products to clients but sourcing safe products takes time.
  • You have lots of followers on your social media accounts or podcast, but you want to find more income.
  • We research and source only the safest CBD Products from across multiple manufacturers for the products in your store.
  • We handle orders, delivery and customer service, product inventory and management
  • By setting achievable growth goals for your CBD store and prioritizing efficient use of time,  you can find a balanced life.
  • Your CBD Store is branded with your name or company, so your clients have confidence in who they are buying from.

Launch your CBD Store Now!

Step One:  Sign up to get your own CBD Store URL and order your First set of Promotional Business or Post Cards.

Step Two:  Read the “Getting Start” emails and Training Videos

Step Three:  Start Marketing your CBD Store Unique URL.  Post, Blog, TikTok, Twitter.  Talk about it on your podcast. Add to your email signature block.

Make sure to check for emails from and  They might land in your spam folder so make sure you mark them as “Not Spam”

Step #1: Register as a CBD Butterfly Affiliate

Order Promotional cards for your Store

Order your cards here.  We can even help you with a logo for your company.

  • Business cards and postcards are an effective way to reach more customers
  • CBD Butterfly prints your cards with your CBD store URL, and you can even add your CBD store to the back of your regular business cards
  • To active your CBD Store you need to purchase at least one set of business or post cards.
  • Always have these cards on hand, as you never know when an opportunity may arise
  • Give the cards to your passengers if you drive for Uber, Lyft, or Uber Eats, or include them in food deliveries.
Affiliate Card Mockup presentation

Step #2: Read the Welcome emails and order your cards

Example of a Custom CBD Store

Step #3: Market, Market Market

Track your revenue

  • You receive a 15% from all sales made through your CBD Store. 
  • Track your sales and Commissions through your Affiliate Portal
  • As long as your CBD Store is active you receive commissions for a Life Time!
*Commissions are based on product prices and do not include tax or shipping.  CBD Stores with no sales within a 12 month period will be changed to non-active status.

Education and Assistant

  • Watch all the Videos and Blogs on our site
  • Schedule a one-on-one Affiliate Code through your Affiliate Portal
  • Get to know the CBD Industry, your knowledge is an assets to your CBD Store Growth.


Ready to start earning Passive Income?

CBDButterfly is the Perfect Partner to start your journey to Financial Independence.