Every Medical Professional Should Have an e-Commerce Store

E-Commerce continues to be a booming market, however there are changes in consumers sentiment towards big online stores, this is why every medical professional should have an e-Commerce Store.

Supplements are a billion dollar industry and most of that revenue goes to CVS and Walgreens. They’re the only stores that sell supplements in most states and they can charge whatever they want for them—which is usually about twice as much as what you would pay for the same product at a health food store.

Now, imagine your clients could purchase directly from you supplements that you recommend on a regular basis and save money. Imagine if you could offer your clients a discount on the supplements that they purchase through your store—how much more likely would they be to buy them from you than Amazon.com.

Your clients will love it because they get to save money on their supplements and since you’re recommending them, they know it’s good quality.  While you can’t run a pharmacy, you can sell products that address issues of pain management, anxiety, sleeplessness and more with CBD Products which are legal in all 50 States.

The best thing is you don’t even need to stock inventory, with you own eCommerce, you can recommend products and your clients can order right from your website.

Check out how CBD Butterfly will setup an eCommerce store and integrate it into your current websites.  We build, take orders, fulfill and manage every aspect of delivery.  You provide discounts to your clients and share in the revenue generated.  This all the tasks handled for you every medical professional should have an e-commerce store.