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CBD Bath Bomb | Serenity | 200mg


Calm your nervous system and promote detoxification with the Serenity CBD Bath Bomb. Infused with sweet orange and frankincense essential oils, dried jasmine flowers, dead sea salt, and CBD, the Serenity CBD Bath Bomb gives your bath oceanside spa vibes.

Percentage of CBD: .123%
Serving Size: 15,332g
CBD per Serving : 161.1mg
D9-THC in mg: 0g
This product has 161.1mg of Total CBD per serving. Using the chart you can decide if this product is appropriate for you.

• Made with CBD, sweet orange, and frankincense essential oils, dried jasmine flowers, and dead sea salt: Support detoxification, promote calmness and soothe pains.
• CBD with no pesticides or additives: Protect your skin from pesticides.
• 100% hemp-derived CBD: We guarantee there’s less than 0.3% THC in every CBD bath bomb.
• Tested 3x: Every batch is tested three times for potency, safety, and THC levels.
• Whole-plant benefits with full-spectrum CBD: Absorb all the natural goodness of the hemp plant (with less processing!).
• CO2 extracted: Safe for the environment and for you.
• Vegan: Our bath bombs are in alignment with a plant-based lifestyle.

General Scale for Usage *

If you are new to CBD start with a product that is within the Mild Symptoms for your weight range. This product contains 161.1mg of CBD per serving, start with one serving and then you can always go up from there.

You can search for products within a certain range of CBD milligrams in our store.

Chart Courtesy of https://dailycbd.com