CBD Infused Pain Cream


The perfect product to start your CBD Journey

For a gentle, natural pain cream with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, try CBD. Our CBD lotion provides soothing relief to sore muscles, damaged skin, and over-stimulated joints.

Percentage of CBD: .155%
Serving Size: 100g
CBD per Serving : 87.8mg
D9-THC in mg: 0g
This product has 87.8mg of Total CBD per serving. Using the chart you can decide if this product is appropriate for you.

Starting with an ultra-hydrating base formula of organic aloe, coconut oil, witch hazel and vitamin E, this lotion alone is primed for flooding dry, damaged skin with nourishment. CBD can penetrate the dermal and subdermal layers to deliver its benefits. Our CBD pain cream is especially popular for minor aches and pains.

And at a mild dose of 100 mg/2 oz bottle, our best-selling CBD pain cream formula is the perfect starting point for those new to using CBD for pain relief. And without the addition of menthol, which we know that not all individuals are a fan of.

General Scale for Usage *

If you are new to CBD start with a product that is within the Mild Symptoms for your weight range. This product contains 87.8mg of CBD per serving, start with one serving and then you can always go up from there.

You can search for products within a certain range of CBD milligrams in our store.

Chart Courtesy of https://dailycbd.com